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Sh*t My Dad Says
[from a few months ago, while I was still in Liberia.]

ulitave: I caught some local bug.
dad: what's it's called?
ulitave: Puffy leg or puffy foot. The foot and lower leg tend to swell up, the skin turns colors and falls off, it's pretty gruesome.
dad: How do you get it?
ulitave: According to the traditional healer, someone put roots on my doorstep. I stepped across them and got puffy leg.
dad: Who would do that?
ulitave: Someone who doesn't like me.
dad: That's funny. Everyone who doesn't like you is in the States.

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Your dad is awesome.

I hope your leg unpuffs.

When I was a kid I knew a lady from way out in the country who used to threaten to put roots on us if we acted up.

he is kinda awesome. My leg is mostly back to normal, but I look a plain mess.

What do you step over for the reversal of Root Induced Puffy Lower Leg Syndrome? Jeepers, get well, Dad.

the same traditional healer gave me a remedy. It worked - for a while. I need a western doctor.

I could not imagine anyone not liking you :) that was sarcasm.

So is your leg still puffy? Have you seen a doctor over here?

Yep, dad seems to be one of the coolest.


not yet - need to work out the pre-approvals with the insurance.

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