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I bought a couch today. It's a beautiful, gently used white leather couch from Rooms-to-Go. I paid next-to-nothing for it thanks to a Tuscaloosa tradition: departing students bequeath their belongings to continuing students. We do our best to make living here as comfortable as possible. One problem: I can't get it through the door.

Some friends and I tried every couch-moving trick we could think of. We took the feet off the couch and the door off the hinge. We twisted and turned. We corkscrewed. We slid and stood. Nothing worked. The couch was too big, or the door too short. Professional movers are coming by to consult later. Meanwhile, I have a couch in the hallway.

If they can't move it in, I'll consider rigging up a block and tackle and taking it through the kitchen window. Did I mention I live on the second floor? I have good friends. I'd love to offer them a place to sit someday.

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I haven't seen "couch failing to fit through door" with my own eyes yet.

My most interesting couch story is the couchbed (hence somewhat heavy) having to go partway up the stairs, then the end closer to the bottom/living room having to be lifted over the banister, with the rest of the couch following it. And getting it out of the house was harder than getting it in. (I wasn't moving it, other, bigger people were.) The most interesting one I moved was on the 2nd floor, had to be rotated on various axes to get onto and then down the stairs.

(For some reason, having a vehicle that will transport a couch has turned me into someone occasionally willing to help a friend move a couch, and the definition there of "friend" is a little loose at times.)

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Lifting over the banister was easy. Figuring out the angles to get the thing inside was impossible. After consulting with a professional mover, it seems that I have a couch for sale :(

Quite a few things fit through windows.

I ended up the last person in the apartment my family had lived in, and when I was moving out, it turned out the couch would not go out any of the doors. I ended up leaving it for the landlady to deal with. I still have no idea how we got it in.

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