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Contending with Du
Du is a concept by the Dan (Gio) people, but most of the 16 tribes of Liberia have a similar concept. Du (similar to chi) is the spirit behind everything - every person, every animal, every song, everything. Du belongs to the spiritual realm. Du is inherently original and authentic; whatever we see in the physical world is only a manifestation of du, inherently unauthentic. This is a wonderful concept (developed quite independently of Plato) except when it comes to plagiarism. Sorry kids, "the du made me do it" still gets you an F.

I heard from a friend that the audio posts are unintelligible. That's par for the course in Liberia - nothing works as expected. I've just found that some of the audio posts never actually posted. Whether that was user error or the cell phone network, I don't know. So in brief, this is what I've been up to for the past 7 months: Teaching, writing, grading. Teacher training. Making plans for next year. Getting cured from some mystery disease by a local herbalist. Rescuing an abandoned child. Starting academic support services at Cuttington. Jogging. Sweating. Sleeping. Fresh orange juice from the tree in the backyard. Bitterballs, giant snails, goat, and palava sauce for dinner. Okay, I really don't eat snails. Often. Buyin art and artifacts. Filing reports. Coming home. 

I'll be back in the States from next week until mid-August. Plenty to do - mostly writing and fundraising. I may also hit the gym. I'd love to see all my Austin peeps while I'm there.

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Goat stewed in a tin wheelbarrow over an open fire?
Sounds like you've been having one heck of a time! I don't know much about Liberia, but I would guess it's dramatically different from the USA underneath the surface 'management' layer.

In some ways it's very different - anyplace that speaks more than one language has to be different. But it's sadly similar. People here value anything they can buy far above anything they can make.

I have plenty of free time to meet for coffee or a beer- these days.

I read honey. I'm so sorry. At least I'll be in your neighborhood. I sublet an apartment nearby.

(Deleted comment)
I may transcribe them over the summer. You knowm when I'm not writing books, raising money, or anything else.

I was just thinking the other day I'd like to hear from that Andy and there you are.

I heard you thinking about me.

Call me when you're in town. :)

Re: Contending with Du

absolutely :)

I'd love to hang out with you sometime and hear stories of far off lands.

Can't wait to see you and hear the rumble in the streets! I'm also going to be in Texas for the Fourth, but unfortunately too far north of you. Call me when you get a chance.

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